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    T.E.E.N. Programme

    The Women's Foundation's T.E.E.N. (Talent Empowerment, Equality and Networking) programme was launched in April 2010. The goal of T.E.E.N. is to provide leadership and diversified/gender awareness training to youth who would not otherwise have the same educational, vocational and inspirational experience, opportunities and exposure. 
    The 12-month programme was designed for high need, high potential boys and girls aged 13 to 15 from challenged backgrounds. Recruitment of the TEEN participants involved a thorough selection process which required a written application, nomination by a school teacher and a panel interview. We decided to target the early teens age bracket because of research showing the kids are at a critical stage in terms of the moulding of personality traits, developing self esteem and starting to take independent and brave choices about their future.

    The programme is youth-led and has a strong gender focus, both of which features are unique to existing leadership youth programmes available in Hong Kong.

    Our research prior to launching the programme revealed that the most effective youth empowerment programmes typically incorporate an in between layer of older teen counselors who are able to communicate more effectively with kids in their early teens. As a result, we recruited 12 undergraduates from local Hong Kong universities to be big brother and sister mentors to the programme participants over the course of the year. The mentors have received extensive training in gender awareness, running team activities and workshops, communicating with youth and mentoring youth techniques.

    Our research also revealed that the majority of youth programmes in HK ignore gender issues despite the fact that studies show that gender stereotyping has implications for many problems affecting youth today including anorexia, other body image issues and juvenile drug abuse, let alone choices about studies and careers. The TEEN programme incorporates modules and workshops to break gender biases through raising the TEEN’s awareness of stereotyping within their own households, in the education system and in the media; encouraging discussion about explicit and implicit forms of discrimination; and teaching the value of diversity and inclusiveness. Our hope is that the participants will become diversity champions within their peer groups and the community so the programme is equipping them with the skills and training to be effective and motivating public speakers capable of addressing adult, youth or mixed audiences on topics related to gender-stereotyping and gender equality.  (to check out their activities)

    The TEENs have started to open up, engage and participate. The improvement in their communication skills, team work and self confidence has been very noticeable. They have been enthusiastic about learning new skills and embracing the prospect of a braver and better future for themselves. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the programme enormously: many of the TEENs have described it as a transformative experience; most of the mentors have commended it as a tremendous learning opportunity, while the CLSA staff clearly relished the opportunity to give something back to the broader community (to check out their testimonials and video).

    The TEEN Alumni Programme

    To ensure the long term impact of the programme and as a continuation of the TEEN Programme, TWF is committed to providing the ‘graduates’ from the programme with training and activities throughout their secondary school years.   The TEEN Alumni Programme will provide additional leadership and gender awareness training to our graduating TEENs, to continue to support and encourage them to become inspiring future leaders.   

  • Corporate Partner
    CLSA are supporting the Programme through the Chairman's Trust and we are very grateful to them for their support. In addition to financial assistance, a huge number of CLSA staff were involved in the implementation of the programme and contributed significantly to overall strategic planning, partner selection and content, they provided invaluable advice and support in terms of media engagement and PR, and participated in the selection panel in the recruitment process.

    Training Partner
    Our educational partner for the programme is Po Leung Kuk, who as one of HK's most established institutions providing social welfare and educational services to children are well versed in running youth programmes in Hong Kong. This was their first experience of incorporating gender elements into programme design and content and happily they really rose to the challenge.

    Supporting Partner
    The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is one of our key supporting organizations - they provide site visits and workshops for the programme participants. 

    Our PR partner for the programme is Edelman Public Relations Worldwide (HK) Ltd, who is the leading independent global PR firm - they provide media support for the programme.  

    NGOs including Anti-480, Christian Service, Family Planning Association, HeArt Touch Foundation, Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association, and Teen's Key, are our partners for the outreach community projects and workshops which form part of the programme. Some of them also help with recruitment of programme participants. 

  • We are very grateful to have a terrific Steering Committee to guide the development and implementation of the programme, including: 

    Rachel Cartland
    Former Assistant Director of Social Welfare, HK Government 
    Upon graduating from Oxford University in 1972, Rachel joined the Hong Kong Government and subsequently served in a variety of senior posts. She possesses extensive experience in the Government Secretariat in areas including broadcasting, arts and culture policy. In 1995, Rachel was appointed Assistant Director of Social Welfare (Social Security) where she was responsible for managing 2000 staff and an annual budget of HK$25 billion. The new programs that she developed included   'Support for Self-Reliance', Hong Kong's first welfare-to-work initiative and the Computerised Social Security System.  Rachel also served in the Education and Manpower Bureau of the HK Government from 2001-2. She left the HK Government in 2006 to set up Cartland Consulting, which specializes in public sector consulting. She joined the TWF Board of Governors in March 2011. 

    Dr. Staci Ford
    Honorary Associate Professor, Department of History and in the American Studies, University of Hong Kong  
    Dr. Staci is a Honorary Associate Professor in the Department of History and in the American Studies Program at the University of Hong Kong where she 
    has taught since 1993. Her academic expertise is in women's history, US History, and cross-cultural gender studies/history. She is a founding member and co-convenor of the Women's Studies Research Centre at HKU and of The Women's Foundation. She has published a variety of articles and essays in women's studies/gender studies and cultural history/studies. Her most recent book, TROUBLING AMERICAN WOMEN: NARRATIVES OF GENDER AND NATION IN HONG KONG focuses on women's narratives of cultural encounter in transpacific context. 

    Zoe Henham
    Head of Human Resources, CLSA Ltd  
    As Head of Human Resources, Zoe is responsible for key human capital initiatives spanning recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, and employee relations across the 15 global markets in which CLSA operates. Prior to moving to Hong Kong and joining CLSA's global headquarters in 2004, Zoe worked in London with Schroders and Lazard and was responsible for pan-European talent recruitment, selection and development programmes. During this time, Zoe studied for and was awarded her second chartered qualification with the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development.  Zoe began her career with Arthur Andersen in Melbourne where she qualified as a chartered accountant. Having worked in the UK with Arthur Andersen, she permanently relocated to London in 1998 and changed her career focus to Human Resources. A graduate of the University of Melbourne, Zoe holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  Zoe is married with two small children and is committed to giving something back to the Hong Kong community in which she lives and works.

    Bowie Leung 
    Vice President, Leo Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong
    Bowie is a recent graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a 1st class honors degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology. As an undergraduate, Bowie participated in and led a number of committees for the Leo Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong and as an intern with the SCO Family of Services – Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, where she assisted with the implementation of events and casework for the Center. This summer, she joined Pencake Limited, where she manages the marketing of customized applications for Facebook Pages and movies in Hong Kong.

    Matthew Lui 
    Principal of Graceyard Education Centre
    Lui Sir came from a single parent family and his family were Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. His father and grandfather were drug abusers and Lui Sir was a gang member when he was young. He got 0 marks in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, scoring grade U (Unclassified) in five subjects including English. From this unlikely beginning, Lui Sir went on to achieve a BA degree, graduating with first class honours at Baptist University where he achieved Grade A in the English course, and was recognized in the Ten Outstanding Youths Awards. He also earned a Masters degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Currently, Lui Sir is a popular guest speaker for school talks and he has authored a series of liberal studies textbooks for the new 3-3-4 education scheme (the new academic structure for senior secondary education and higher education scheme). In addition, he is a columnist for SingTao Daily and a frequent guest speaker on TVB and RTHK programmes about liberal studies. He has led over 100 training courses in communication skills, English skills, learning skills and liberal studies.

    Phoebe Tang
    Senior Project Officer in Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University
    Phoebe has been an active participant in both elderly and youth services. She is particularly passionate about inter-generational programmes that encourage and enable knowledge and experience exchange between generations. She serves on a number of government advisory bodies including as a member of the Commission on Youth, an adjudicator for the Registration of Persons Tribunal, a member of Kwai Tsing District Fight Crime Committee, a member of Tuen Mun District Coordinating Committee on Elderly Services, Social Welfare Department, and as an observer to the Independent Police Complaints Council.

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