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  • The TWF’s Life Skills Programme is designed to teen girls for life at university, the workplace and beyond through an innovative programme. Our goal is to teach girls to examine, question and challenge the status quo, to replace negative stereotypes with positive images, and to experience more control in their lives and feel empowered to effect change. The programme will be delivered through workshops as part of the school programme and extra-curricular initiatives. The programme curriculum will cover the most important life skills – financial literacy, healthy relationships and well-being, and life and career planning. In addition, the programme will offer parents and teachers workshops to ensure a strong support network is in place for the teen participants given the obvious importance of ensuring parents and teachers are aligned and can reinforce and encourage the girls in the new choices they may be making as a result of the programme.

    This pilot programme will also test whether the programme should be co-ed or just for girls. Research shows that integrating both boys and girls into programmes designed to combat gender stereotyping and improve leadership skills encourages equal acknowledgement of the role both genders play in reinforcing certain stereotypes and gender discriminatory practices. While we recognize the challenges of including boys in the new programme, we are excited by the prospect of pioneering this new approach in Hong Kong. If we are successful, we hope to be the catalyst for more co-ed programmes across the territory, resulting in better cooperation and understanding between the sexes.

    The programme to show “proof of concept” in the first year will target around 400 students aged about 16-18 years old from three schools and 60-100 parents, teachers and school social workers. We wish the full scale launch in Year 2 will target more schools.  

  • Partner Schools

    Three local secondary schools have been confirmed be the pilot partner schools in 2011-12, including:

    -          Kwai Chung Methodist College

    -          Po Leung Kuk Wai Yin College

    -          Pope Paul VI College  

    Training Partner

    Training provision for the programme will be provided by Gender Studies Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Prof. Dora Choi of CUHK and Dr. Anita Chan of Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIED)will serve as Academic Advisors to the programme and will oversee the course curriculum development and the delivery of the workshop training. They will lead a team comprising a group of experienced practitioners/volunteers to develop the whole project.

    Research Partner

    Centre for Advancement of Inclusive and Special Education (CAISE), Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has been engaged to conduct a comprehensive study assessing the impact of the programme. The evaluation study will focus on measuring the impact on the programme targets, assessing the long-term influences on individuals and the communities, and the sustainability of the programme model.  

    Supporting Partner

    The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is our key supporting organization.

  • We are very grateful to have a terrific Steering Committee to guide the development and implementation of the programme, including:

    Rachel Cartland Upon graduating from Oxford University in 1972, Rachel joined the Hong Kong Government and subsequently served in a variety of senior posts. She possesses extensive experience in the Government Secretariat in areas including broadcasting, arts and culture policy. In 1995, Rachel was appointed Assistant Director of Social Welfare (Social Security) where she was responsible for managing 2000 staff and an annual budget of HK$25 billion. The new programs that she developed included   'Support for Self-Reliance', Hong Kong's first welfare-to-work initiative and the Computerised Social Security System.  Rachel also served in the Education and Manpower Bureau of the HK Government from 2001-2. She left the HK Government in 2006 to set up Cartland Consulting, which specializes in public sector consulting. She joined the TWF Board of Governors in March 2011.

    Patricia Chiu is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities & Social Sciences (inc. Centre of Asian Studies) of the University of Hong Kong.  She is a current contributor to The Hong Kong Memory Project funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. She holds a M.A. in Women's Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge where her thesis examined girls’ education in colonial Hong Kong. She was a member of the research team which contributed to The Women’s Foundation’s 'Status of Women and Girls in Hong Kong 2006'.

    Ho Ying Kwong is currently working at the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union as a senior executive in their education research department. She holds a Master Degree in Gender Studies from CUHK and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education with major in Liberal Studies from HKU. Kwong Ho Ying is a registered teacher and served as an educator in a Secondary School until a few years ago. She resigned her position after she was repeatedly pressured to follow a gender discriminatory dress code, resulting in a three-year lawsuit that garnered heated public debates on gender stereotyping in the workplace. She has subsequently involved herself in various Gender Education workshops and seminars for the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union. She is also a member of The Association for the Advancement of Feminism and Women Affairs Watch.

    Grace Lee obtained a Master Degree in Social Services Management from HKU in 2003 and a Certificate in Sex Education from HKU in 2004. Throughout the past twelve years, she has been closely involved in planning and developing sexuality education programs and services targeting children and young people, parents, teachers, social workers, healthcare workers and young couples as the Education Officer-in-charge at the Family Planning Association. She is currently a member of the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation-Education Committee. 

    Katie Monteil is a parenting educator from the Clayton School district in St. Louis Missouri in the United States. In 2005, she launched a program to provide innovative and unique learning and relationship-building experiences for children, schools and families, in collaboration with school counselors, teachers and principals as well as the local community and student body. The information from these groups determined new structures for both curricular education and parenting education workshops.

    Adam Singer
    is COO and Associate Director of AP Equity and Equity Derivatives Research of J.P. Morgan.  He joined J.P. Morgan in 1999 working in Investment Banking.  Adam was in technology leadership roles ultimately responsible for the firm’s global research technology platform. He joined the APAC Research Management team in 2009 based in Hong Kong and now oversees research operations in 13 countries across the pacific rim.  Adam has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University. Prior to joining the firm, Adam worked as a civil engineer in China and Hong Kong on the Chep Lap Kok airport project.

    Clifton Yeung is the Principal Education Secretary of Education Affairs Department at Po Leung Kuk, one of Hong Kong’s leading social service organisations. He serves on the Kuk’s School Management Committee which is responsible for developing education policies and policy recommendations as well as promoting exchange activities among schools. He is also serving on the Steering Committee for the Volunteer Movement for Youth in Hong Kong, sponsored by the Social Welfare Department.

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