We wish to thank Goldman Sachs for underwriting the productions and printing of both the Executive Summary and full research report: "Closing the Gender Gap in Hong Kong: Conversations with the Community".


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the sponsors at our International Women's Day Gala Lunch 2011. 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the sponsors at our Gala Dinner 2010.  

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We would like to thank all of our sponsor partners, table hosts and retail partners for our International Women's Day 2010 Gala Lunch. 

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We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the sponsors for our Leadership Dinner 2009. 

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Thanks to our generous sponsors, our Inaugural Leadership Dinner on 29 February 2024 was a great success! 


We wish to thank our good friends who donated to our Inaugural Leadership Dinner on 29 February 2008!

Girls Program          
Oliver Bolitho
Noriko Honda Chen
Cindy Jin
Gloria Tai
Mascha Zaugg

Online English Program
Angelina Bussinger
Jaclyn Wan Hoon Chua
Alison Lusher

Mentorship Program
Bradford & Lisa Freer

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Mike Yao
Elisabeth Scott
Jeong-Jeong Chu
Elinor Fung Wing Kin
Sotheby’s (use of auctioneer)

Poverty Program
Alex Stubbings
Andrew & Lily Riddick
Anina Lo
Christoph Widmer
Claire Williams
Deborah Kan
Des Anderson & Elisabeth Haase
Edward & Bridget King
Elizabeth L. Thompson
Graham Porter & Wendy Leung
Harold La
Heena Mir
Helena Koo
Jelmar De Jong
Jennifer Taylor
Jenny Buck
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Judy Vas
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Lester Wong
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Loletta Chu
Margaret Chen
Mark & Andrea Gabbay
Martin & Rowanna Rowe
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Paul & Ann Chen
Peggy Shaughnessy
Peter Murphy & Kay McArdle
Peter Tung & Wanda Chang
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Renee So
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Rosemary & Kenneth Willman
Roz Hongsaranagon
Shalini Mahtani
Stella Lee Yee Hing
Steven Allen Li
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Vivien Webb
Warren Howe
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Yvonne Corpuz

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Ocean Park
The Peninsula Hong Kong
Rosakids Lifestyle Portraits
Pacific Custom Tailors
Sonya Madden
Weddings Central

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Baker & McKenzie
Norman & Noriko Chen
Cynthia Chung
Community Business
Estella & Cliff Huang
ICS Trust
Thelma Kwan
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Kieran Rose & Christoph Widmer
Rebecca Woo

The 2006 Stakeholder Engagement Project and the printing of our benchmark research study, The Status of Women and Girls in Hong Kong, are sponsored by: 


On May 9, 2007, our good friend Diana Dai organized a charity wine auction for the benefit of The Women’s Foundation and Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten in Shanghai. Thank you to the following renowned California wineries and vineyards for their generous support: 

Screaming Eagle
Harlan’s Estate
Napa Valley Reserve

Thanks to our generous sponsors, our Summit Soiree on December 1, 2023 was a great success!


Thanks to these generous sponsors, our launch in March 2005 was a smashing success! 

Art Beatus
City University of Hong Kong Department of English and Communication
Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.
Fingerprint, Ltd.
Gill Peacock Design
Hongkong Land
Jepsen Fine Wines
Jessica Magazine
Living FJ Company Limited
Photo 2000
Progressive Press
Santa Fe Relocation Services
SNP Vite
South China Morning Post

Zetter Picture Framer

Non-profit organizations could not survive without help from the local business community. We are so grateful for the generous contributions of time and goods and services from our supporters, who personify the kind of social responsibility that makes a city great: 

American Women's Association 
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